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24 August 2016, Wednesday

Wedding Wines: FAQ

We've written a few articles on choosing wedding wines, covering as much of the basics as possible.  Here, we've decided to tackle three of the most frequently asked questions that we've had from some of our readers.

What are the main qualities of an ideal wedding wine?

There are many factors that come into play when we consider the ideal wine for an occasion as special and personal as your wedding. However, some general advice would be:

  • It should be a wine that both the bride and groom love. A wedding is the celebration of two people and the love that they share. Don’t just choose a generic wine; every aspect of the event–the flowers, the colour scheme, the wine served–should ideally reflect the unique characteristics of the bride and the groom, and their journey.
  • The ideal wedding wine should be a variety that their guests would enjoy.  Thus, it is best that the wine would be a drink that is appealing enough to make each sip an enjoyable experience.
  • Last but not least, an ideal wedding wine would have distinctive traits that can somehow symbolize the couple on their special day. It could be something as sentimental as the wine that they shared on their first date; or as simple as customised wine labels, a relatively low-cost option that can pack a visual punch.

Should I pair the wine choices with the menu?

This really depends on far the couple would want to go. If being a serious food buff or a wine enthusiast is part of who you are, then by all means.  Here at B°NU, we offer wines on a consignment basis to put your mind at ease. Contact us to find out more,


What’s the lowest price range that a couple can reasonably go for when it comes to choosing wines for their wedding?

Although it is possible to get wines for as low as $18, to be very frank, it’s not likely to be a good wine–a wine that people would enjoy drinking.
It’s possible to get a delicious wine from $28 onwards but it requires reliable and trustworthy merchants who curate their selection of wines carefully.
$40 is a good price for something very good and $50 onwards would bring a huge jump in quality.

We know that organising an entire wedding can be a daunting task. The least we could do is to help make the choosing of your wedding wine as stress-free as possible. For a free consultation or if you have any wine-related questions to ask, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line.

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