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29 May 2015, Friday

Tasting Red

Besides the difference in colour, what else do you need to take note of when tasting a red wine? Here are four general points about red wine that makes it different from white wines.


1. Texture

Red wines have tannins which give you the same pluckery feeling you get when you drink Chinese black tea. The texture can be smooth and silky or rough and chunky depending on the grape or the winemaking. Most wine wines don’t have the same perceivable texture.


2. Acidity

In general, red wines have a lower acid that white wines. This makes it suitable for different food. It is also one of the reasons why when you are looking for a refreshing wine, a white wine is more preferred. 


3. Aromas

Red wine has a different set of aromas from white wine. It generally has more aromas of red and black fruits such as strawberries, redcurrants, raspberry, blackcurrant etc. Red wine also has an affinity with oak which is why red wines are aged in barrels more than white wines. This imparts a smoky, barrel aroma to the wine. 


4. Alcohol

In general red wines have a higher alcohol than white wines because its needs more sunlight to ripen the grapes, therefore, creating more sugar. If fermented dry, the more sugar means the more alcohol there is in the wine. You will find red wines to be slightly sweeter on the palate due to the higher alcohol as well as having a smoother feel over the tongue. The higher alcohol also gives you more power on the aroma. 

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